ABDICATE United States

ABDICATE - Rejoice in Depredation


Old school slamming death metal with crushing guitar tones, choleric vocals& punishing blast beats is what you can expect from this NYDM act. Unflinching brutality is what ABDICATE are praised for and you will feel their wrath at OEF when their slamming tunes come crushing your face like a ton of bricks.


Formed in 2008, Abdicate from Rochester, New York have been slamming faces with their ultra-heavy, catchy and fast paced form of pummeling brutal death metal. With no frills they barrage the senses in a whirl wind of heaviness. This five piece is firing on all cylinders and creating pure energetic brutality! Rip a shot and head to the pit, just stay out of the Yeti’s way.



Release date Release name Media
2013 Fragmented Atrocities Full Length
2011 Transcend Through Sacrifice Full Length
2009 Forged In Ruin Full Length
2008 Relinquish the Throne EP