BIOLOGICAL MONSTROSITY - Surgical Intervention to Provoke Extrauterine Foetal Calcification


These teratology & paraphilia lovers share a passion for educating people about medical deviances in a sick & twisted way. Winning the world contest for the most illegible band logo, BIOLOGICAL MONSTROSITY has been mastering the art of downtuned pitch shifting since 2005. So get ready for the goregrind version of Discovery Channel as BIOLOGICAL MONSTROSITY surgically destroys your eardrums with their perversely groovy tunes.


In june 2004 we started jamming as a trio (Pat, Alex, Big) at some music store practice rooms only wanting to get drunk and play goregrind for fun, we had no serious intentions with that band at the time because only Pat had his own equipment. Biological Monstrosity, was first going to be a song name but Big and Alex realised it was a kick ass band name! All the following months were spent jamming together and writing new stuff for a demo and Mat joined for the bass duties. In august 2005 we recorded the Rehearsal Shit demo with the shitty equipment we had, people seemed to like it anyway so we dediced to spread those tracks around.


The band did a 3-way split CD with this line up. We met Benoit and Pascal who got to know each other by mailorder at some local shows. We first rehearsed to start another band but it was time for some members of Biological Monstrosity to do something else so BM ended up to be (Pat, Mat, Ben, Pascal). We did a a couple of splits and we are now the recording process is incubating for our first full lenght.


Release date Release name Media
2011 Methadone Abortion Clinic - Biological Monstrosity Split
2010 Embryonic Cryptopathia - Biological Monstrosity - Vomitoma Split
2009 4 Way-Split Biological Monstrosity / Magistral Flatulences / Spermswamp / Facial Abuse Split
2007 Biological Monstrosity - Necro Tampon - Faeces Eruption Split
2005 Demo DEMO