CROSSTITUTION - Seventh Seal Meltdown


It's with great pleasure we announce that Montreal's ugliest & nastiest grindcore act will be part of the obscene celebrations this august. These freaks looks like they've been playing "Marco Polo" in a pool of human blood while waiting for phone calls. Their thirst for blood can be heard throughout a grindcore hysteria intensified with brutal death metal grooves. Get ready for a bloodbath!!!


In pure and true brutality tradition, Crosstitution is an up-and-coming death metal/grindcore band formed by ex-Ashes of Eden guitarist Munzie Sewer and Julien Mercier (also drummer in Point Blank Rage) in Montreal back in 2009. The band’s current lineup consists of bassist Stryx, vocalist FKR and originally from Newfoundland, lead guitarist, Whiskey Lee. After making their studio debut in 2010, Crosstitution is finaly ready, in 2011, to terrorize North-America with their debut EP, in vinyl format; “Mesolimbic Pathway”. In 2015 Crosttitution has released their first full length LP and is ready to storm the earth with its hallucinating construct of choas and dimensia with the Metastatic Distortion. Schizophreniacs your sickness is our blessing.


Release date Release name Media
2015 The MetaStatic Distortion CD
2011 The Mesolimbic Pathway LP