DEBONED - Intense Toilet Worship


Hailing from northern part of Quebec, these young bastards shares a deviant passion for gore & torture tales. They will tell you some of their sweetest necrophilia stories through some of the most hellish tunes Quebec as to offer. One sure thing is that no one will come out clean after this perversive grinding tornado that is DEBONED!!!


Deboned formed in late 2012 with Etienne on guitar, P-A on bass and Alex on vocals. Later on, in early 2013, Yan X would join on drums to complete the band. After a few rehearsals, Deboned was born and ready to do their first show with Death Metal legends, Vital Remains. After that show, the guys entered the studio to record their self-titled demo CDr released by the end of the year on Human Disgrace Records.


Receiving an great response on the internet, Deboned started to play for most part outside of their area. After a few gigs in Trois-Rivières and Quebec City, the guys we're really surprised by how appreciated and greatly welcomed they were in the scene. Receiving some offers to do some splits, Deboned decided to write more songs and to do more and more shows outside of their hometown. Entering the studio in early 2014, Deboned would record 10 more songs for a split tape with Oregon filthy sleaze Metal maniac , Nekro Drunkz and a split 7'' with Quebec City's total grind crushers, Striver.


During the summer of 2014, Deboned really started to grow a real, super awesome, fan base inside and outside of their area, giving them the need to get back to the studio and release more hellish grindcore tunes!As for 2015, Deboned has planned to record another batch of splits with Lurking Fear from Japan, Radiation Vomit from Los Angeles and grindcore legends, Mesrine from Quebec City!!!!!


Release date Release name Media
2015 Split 7'' with Striver (Qc)
2015 Split 7'' with Lurking Fear (Jpn)
2015 Split 7'' with Radiation Vomit (L.A)
2015 Split 7'' with Mesrine (Qc)
2015 Split 7'' with Mesrine (Qc)
2014 Split tape with Nekro Drunkz
2013 Self-Titled CD, DEMO