HOLY CO$T Canada

HOLY CO$T - SGT peckers horny hearts gang bang


Introducing Canada's HOLY CO$T for all the lovers of gore grind on the boards of the OEF 2019!!! HOLY CO$T is the major representative of the Canadian scene in a style that is very popular at OEF which is porn gore grind. The band has undergone a lot of changes since its inception in 2008 and consists currently of three deviants, B-Nun, Morbo Ramirez and Targuet F who do know their craft.

Porn gore grind in the best tradition of such squads like CBT is what the masters serve you in their albums or countless split recordings!!! HOLY CO$T played at the OEF America in 2015 and slashed the audience to shreds!!! Now they are after you right in the cradle of OEF, in Trutnov! TUPA TUPA OINK OINK CUI CUI CARNAGE ... this is how they lable their music!!! Need we say more?


Active since 2008, HOLY CO$T from Montreal, Quebec are a blend of porno/gore grind with elements of slam and ultra groovy riffs that will make you wanna dance like a maniac until you piss your pants, all while THE NUN (LEAD VOCALS) is baptizing the audience with mystery liquid  from our sacred aspergillum.

HOLY CO$T are all about fun and creating groovy music to dance and fucking party in your favorite costume and ski-mask. If you're unfamiliar with HOLY CO$T live, just think combination of Rompeprop, and being at the circus on PCP. There's no party like a HOLY CO$T porno party.

So far we've released four (4) full length albums along with numerous splits and compilation CD's. The latest album "THE TASTE OF TABOO" is out on Sevared Records (USA) released August 2018. All previous material from the band is self-released and everything we record is always self-produced.

HOLY CO$T have played many shows in Eastern CANADA and USA, and have had the opportunity to play festivals like  NEW YORK DEATHFEST, PUKEFEST, and others.

THE NUN - lead vocals + fisting
MORBO - jizztortion guitar + backup vocals
FRED - drums + blasturbation


Release date Release name Media
2016 THE LAST ORGY (CD - Fuck The Ass Records - USA - 2016) CD
2016 FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROT, WE FUCK YOU : Tribute to ACDC (CD - Purulent Semen Records - SPAIN - 2016) CD
2016 Tribute to LIBIDO AIRBAG (CD - Sounds Of A Good Spank Records - MEXICO - 2016) CD
2015 JURASSICK ASS (EP MINI-CD - Booba Records - UKRAINE - 2015) CD, EP
2015 PORNADO (CD-r Independent release 2015) CD
2015 LES RECETTES DE GRAND-MAMAN SOLETTE (CD-r Independent release 2015) CD
2014 GRIND WHORES (4-WAY SPLIT CD Independent release - 2014) CD
2014 Tribute to BLOOD (CD - Burning Dogma Records - 2014) CD
2013 6 WAYS TO PENETRATE : Holy Co$t + Tpf/Pigtails + Bizarre Bondage + Monigo + Whoreruption + Latexxx Command (SPLIT CD - 2013) CD
2011 BULLDOZERS UNITED : Tribute to CBT (CD - Mierda Productions - 2011) CD
2010 PORNODOSE (EP MINI-CD - Booba Records - UKRAINE - 2010) CD, EP
2009 HOLY CO$T/FLEISCHWALD (SPLIT CD-r - Grind Ambush Records - 2009) CD
2009 HOLY CO$T/INTESTINAL PAZUZU (SPLIT TAPE - Gore On Demand Records - USA - 2009)
2008 THE GRINDCORE COOKBOOK VOLUME 1 (EP CD-r Independent release - 2008) CD, EP