HOMOLKA - Split Tape with HUMAN CULL - 06 Marx Work Warehouse


The twisted & deviant noise/powerviolence machine HOMOLKA is here to terrorize your childhood dreams. Depraved as it sounds, the band name is based on a famous canadian serial killer. Coming from Toronto, this newcomer band will rape, torture & murder your eardrums while burying them under punishing grindcore madness.


HOMOLKA formed in 2011 after years of discussion as a response to the lack of punishing grindcore in the GTA. The goal was to blend the more metallic side of the genre with the unhinged noise/powerviolence bludgeoning Toronto has become known for through groups like The Endless Blockade, balanced with a healthy dose of irreverent humour. A few years later, after dropping a split with UK nutters Human Cull and shredding with Nasum, Rotten Sound, Enabler and Brutal Truth, among others, the band's mission statement remains untarnished, and they STILL haven't played St. Catherines. Bottom line is, it's really fast and loud.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Demo DEMO
0 split w/ Human Cull