Pure devastation is awaiting Montreal as New-York own's MORPHEUS DESCENDS will be bludgeoning in the art of death metal once again. Started under the name of Morpheus in 1990 and changing their name as Morpheus Descends in 1992, the band reunite in 2013 with their original line-up. A big mess of hard as shit death metal is what you can expect from those New-Yonkers monsters!!!


MORPHEUS DESCENDS was founded in Middletown, NY under the original moniker MORPHEUS in October of 1990. In an age when Death Metal was still underground and as previous Metal and Punk genres were fading into obscurity, MORPHEUS wanted to emulate their growing influences of European and American Death Metal. MORPHEUS DESCENDS  thrived, though their longevity and popularity may not have been as long or large as some of their peers, but back in the early days of death metal, this band heavily influenced the New York style of death metal. Today they are still hailed as one of the Cult NYDM bands of that era, an essential American Death Metal band, and their 3 EPs and 1 full length are considered highly regarded among the bands of their ilk.


The band reformed in 2013, performing a surprise show under the pseudonym "Corpse Under Glass" in their hometown and also appeared as one of the headliners at New York's Martyrdoom Festival. 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the group and the band will be performing at this year's Obscene Extreme North American edition as well as the premiere US festival Maryland Deathfest.


Most of the band's back catalog is highly priced and very difficult to find and in the spring 2015 Dark Descent Records will be issuing the highly anticipated Anthology box set. This box set includes ALL works from the band, including their earlier material under the moniker Morpheus. The box set also contains the DVD titled “Visage of Malady.” The DVD contains tons of live footage as well as interviews with the band and more! Also included will be two brand NEW tracks that will also be released by Dark Descent Records later as a separate 7" titled “From Blackened Crypts". In addition, The Crypt Records will also be reissuing the group's back catalog on gate-fold vinyl later this year.


MORPHEUS DESCENDS is currently writing new material with plans to record a brand new full length later this year.



Release date Release name Media
2015 Morpheus Descends - Anthology Box
2015 Morpheus Descends - From Blackened Crypts 7"
1995 Morpheus Descends - The Horror Of The Truth EP
1994 Morpheus Descends - Chronicles Of The Shadowed Ones
1992 Morpheus Descends - Ritual Of Infinity
1991 Morpheus - Adipocere Dbl 7