OBSOLETE MANKIND - Side Effets Of An Obsolete System


Put your helmet on and get ready for an absolute musical carnage. OBSOLETE MANKIND will somehow bring you back in the '90s without falling into nostalgia with their ferocious & complex death/grind tunes. Being constituted of NEURAXIS, DESPISED ICON & PHOBOCOSM members, these guys take now a different path to torture your senses with fast rhythm changes, gutturals vocals & pitiless grind attack.


Influenced by early New York death metal, and accentuated by grooving grindcore rhythms, Montréal’s OBSOLETE MANKIND serves up its first full length studio album, entitled “False Awakening”, and is ready to unleash guttural depravity upon the world after a successful bout of local touring in its hometown. In a world of illusory delusion, where post-industrialism meets the waters of humanity’s discontents and failures, “False Awakening” is the first chapter of potentially many brutal death metal tales of mankind’s soulful desires colliding with its catastrophic whims. All lifelong friends, this is far from this heavy-hitting quintet’s first venture into the professional metal arena. OBSOLETE MANKIND is made up of former NEURAXIS bassist Yan Thiel, who takes up guitar in an unprecedented recorded setting, and is fronted by vocalist Marie-Hélène Landry, notably of early DESPISED ICON acclaim, and also of Quebec death metal act BORBORYGME. Newly signed to Dark Descent Records, PHOBOCOSM shares the talents of its bombastic drummer Jean-Sébastien Gagnon, as well as the dissonant discord of Samuel Dufour on guitar. The role of bassist is filled by none other than former PAROXYSM low-end backbone Jean-Philippe Sigouin, who is showcased on the bands third full length album “Voracite”, released independently in June 2014. If all of this wasn’t already a recipe for barraging brutality, Jean-Sébastien and Samuel can also be cited for working together on their respective instruments through renowned Montreal death metal act VENGEFUL early this millennium before moving on to other respective endeavors. The idea for OBSOLETE MANKIND came about rather organically through casual discussions in August 2011, when the fivesome were mainly in between projects and curious how a collaboration might turn out between good friends with a similar passion for 90s death metal. The quintet decided to turn their ideas into jam sessions in November of the same year. After a successful bout of Montreal support shows for respective acclaimed acts DEHUMANIZED, INTERNAL BLEEDING, NERVOUS IMPULSE, BEYOND CREATION, and MALIGNANCY, OBSOLETE MANKIND headlined its own Québec shows in the metropolises of Sherbrooke, Rouyn-Noranda, Gatineau, Trois-Rivières, and Québec. “False Awakening” was mastered at FUCK THE FACTS guitarist Topon Das’ Apartment 2 Recording in Ottawa, Ontario. The album was mixed by ATONEMENT vocalist and GEVURAH drummer and vocalist Xavier Berthiaume’s brand new Studio Tehom in Montréal, where recording of guitars and bass also got accomplished in due course. Vocals were recorded at Montréal Goruna Projects by owner-operator Mat Sclasss. Upon drum recording, album artwork was completed by esteemed graphic designer Filipe Quinzanos, who is well-known for his graphic work on HEAVEN’S CRY’s 2012 album cover, “Wheels of Impermanence”.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Modern authenticity CD