P.L.F. 2ND SHOW United States

P.L.F. 2ND SHOW - Final Act of Recalcitrance


Grind grind griiiiind!!! Houston, Texas. P.L.F. will crush the skulls of the masses with their terrifyingly fast & groovy grindcore assault.  With 4 full-lengths and tons of split at their active, the trio formerly known as Pretty Little Flower will be making their first appearance on Canadian east coast soil. And as if it wasn't enough, just like JIG-AI, the band will play two different sets throughout the week-end. Don't miss this!!!


PLF was formed in January 1999, as a crusty grindcore band in Houston, TX. In the early years of the band, the focus was more on playing shows all the time. Few releases were made in the first 5 years, besides a couple of splits and an EP, but 4 or 5 tours of the US were organized.


Refining their style as the years went on, a thrash metallic influence became more and more prevalent in the guitar playing, especially on the mid-paced parts. This is notable on their first LP, "Pulverizing Lethal Force", which was released after 8 years of existence.


In 2011, the original drummer(who was one of the 2 founding members of the band, along with the current guitarist) left the band, and was replaced by Bryan from Noisear / Phobia / Kill the Client , etc. in time for the band's third European tour. The change of drummer brought about somewhat of an inevitable stylistic shift, with the group becoming faster and slightly more refined, overall, but still playing straightforward grind.


With this lineup, the band has since recorded a couple more full lengths, among other things. They will also start recording a new album this Summer (their fifth, to date).

All in all, after 16-1/2 years, PLF has had three people on guitar, two drummers, five different bassists, released four LP's, eleven split EP's, three split LP's, one split 5", one full-length 7", and one collection CD. They have toured the US 8 times, Europe 4 times, Mexico once and played British Columbia twice.


OEF America will be the first time for PLF to play in Eastern Canada, and they are very excited to be part of such a great lineup and awesome festival!


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