POWERCUP - Split 5' with Suffering Mind [2014]


These raw mince-grinding maniacs will give you a lesson in renovation through fucking noisy & dirty chugging powerviolence fueled with plenty of gurgling low end, played on a circular jigsaws and powered by an outside diesel generators. Grab your tool box, put on your tool belts & be part of the grinding cult of power tools & home renovation.


Powercup was born from the ashes of the crust grind S.D.F. (SCOFFLAW DEATH FORCE) in late 2008. Started as a two piece NOISEGRINDPUNKCRUSTNONSENSE and than took a more grindcore/powerviolence approach. After a few unsucessful attemps at being a 3 piece, they decided to permanently remain a two piece and have since toured all over the place with great bands such as DEATHTOLL 80K, PIZZAHIFIVE, VIOLENT GORGE, ARCHAGATHUS, AHNA and more. What is up next for POWERCUP only their guru and leader Tim Allen knows. PLAY FAST, SLACK HARD.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Powercup split 5" w/ Suffering Mind
2013 Powercup split K7 w/ Takashi Ohkawa - DIY OR FUCKOFF! SPLIT
2013 Powercup - Drunk And Sloppy at OEF 2011 K7
2013 V/A - Mustache Mincers 10"
2012 V/A - Unlimited and Dumb vol. 2 K7
2012 Powercup split K7/10" w/ Pizzahifive
2011 V/A - Crush your canadian idols Vol. 2 LP LP
2010 Powercup - Renovate at all cost CD CD
0 split 11" flexi with Soil Of Ignorance - Saw Dust Inhalement Collapse
0 split 7" with Death Toll 80k
0 split 7" with Complete Lobotomy