PUTRESCENCE - Shh'd Before Anal Decapitation


No survivors will remain after Putrescence perform their last gig ever. After 12 years of crushing heads with their raw grinding tunes, the five-person  musical massacre of Manitoba are going to celebrate their final assault in the most grotesque way possible. You don’t want to miss this!!!


Raging from the most inhospitable frozen dump in Canada, Putrescence are set to unleash a curdled blast of rancid air upon the depraved degenerates at OEF. Putrescence were exhumed from a shallow grave in a desolate field near a cement manufacturing plant in the north end of Winnipeg in 2003 and immediately launched into a bizarre and relentless campaign of grotesque sonic violence against the living. With a new album, “Voiding upon the Pulverized” out this summer, the band plans on a much-needed final return to the grave. The band looks forward to one last power drill to the skull in Montreal, knowing that getting dead at OEF couldn’t be a more fitting end to 12 year reign of terror!


Release date Release name Media
2015 Voiding Upon the Pulverized CD
2010 Neuropathia - Putrescence
2010 Putrescence - Archagathus
2008 I Die Screaming - Putrescence
2008 Sledgehammer Holocaust CD
2007 Fatal White Pustules Upon Septic Organs CD
2006 Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer CD
2006 Embalming Theatre - Putrescence
2004 Mangled, Hollowed Out And Vomit Filled CD
2003 Occult Blood And Excrement DEMO