SOIL OF IGNORANCE - Crawling Theory


Impossible to ignore the heavy as fuck combo of powerviolence & grindcore that SOIL OF IGNORANCE are bringing to OEF America. Montreal will become a huge demolition site after this trio plays their last note. With one EP and two splits coming this summer, those guys have never been that hungry for destruction!!!


Formed in 2006 by Meo(drums) & Phil(guit/vox).1st vocalist Steve was then added.Shortly after,they played their 1st gig with MORBID PAIN & KOLOBOS. A couple months later,they were joined by Johnny(ex-OUTSPREAD/HandsOFdeath/Crawling..etc.) on Bass/back vox and then,by FRANK on 2nd guit. Soon,vocalist Steve was thanked from his duties and the band choosed to go on as a 4-piece with both Phil and Johnny sharing screaming duties.

A bunch of new trax were written and more gigs came. In early 2007, Frank went back working far out in the woods(aaarrr!!) and could no longer give time to S.o.i. A couple more gigs were played as a 3-piece before went on hiatus for a couple months. At the end of 2007 the guys started jamming again and played a gig or 2,with Frank coming back before leaving for good.

They were soon joined by Johnny and Méo's housemate and HandsOf Death then-singer MICK also ex-Kolobos/DISSEIZED/METABOLISM etc. on 5 string bass,with Johnny moving on the 6stringer(a decision made after he was forced to play guit after Phil not being able to make it at a gig leaving no choice for them but to play as a 2-piece ).They were then asked to join the beginning of H.O.D./fourquestionmarks east canada tour in early 2008.


Phil started to not being able to show up at rehearsal,so the 3-piece still active as of today started to write more songs and recorded the first self titled S.O.I.Mcd prior to playing another bunch o gigs with the aforementioned and more. All of that leading to more connections made in the network of friendship and grrrriinnddd and to the recording of a 2nd shit-sounding Mcd(Nuclearfuckinpowergrind)as well a shitload more gigs. 2010 was a turning point, when the band moved to a city house where they established their HQ/reh. studio 1405. They recorded another s/t Mcd (featurind advanced tracks for upcoming splits and live in the studio stuff).


Some moths later a tape called ''GRINDCRUSHINGWHIRLWIND MADNESS'' was released and featured earache records classic covers from mosh 1 to 16 as a tribute to the bands' influences. Another tour was set in the summer 2011. Meanwhile, the 1st split 7''w/ WADGE (Canadian drum machine avalanche grindcore master since 1991) was released thru GIVE PRAISE RECORDS. Another tape was recorded in the rehearsal spot in the winter of 2011 called ''GRIND WINTER'' .2012 was a prolific year for S.O.I. More shows were played namely with MALIGNANCY and EXHUMED/GOATWHORE.A split 7''w/ DISLEKSICK was also released thru canadian diy label UGH! recs.


Next sprind the band entered the sudio with Jack Moose of MESRINE and recorded 31 new tracks for upcoming 4 vinyl releases.However, the band had to slow down as Johnnys wife gave birth to their 1st child! Scarce gigs followed too as the other guys decided to go back to school too. But they managed to play on the DESPISE YOU tour before goin on temporary hiatus in may 2013.

 During 2013-2014 break, long-delayed stuff that was supposed to be on split 7'' w/ MUDLARK, was released as a split w/ARCHAGATHUS on a collaboration of labels led by mercy of slumber recs. Also, the spring 2013 session 1st batch was released on the awesome DOOMSDAY MACHINE RECORDS : BRINK OF DOOM 4x7'' box set (featuring 7 other canadian HC/Power violence acts).

The other 3 releases from that session are currently unreleased and will be : split 7'' w/ WARSORE (grindfather prod./everydayhate recs)....''dealing with the remains'' 7''ep (Dommsday machine records,Grind Father Productions, Deaf Death Husky recs) and the delayed-split 7''w/ california grind/death legends EXCRUCIATING TERROR.

 As we speak another long-delayed split 7''w/ENDLESS DEMISE (california band feat. members from Excuciating terror and ex-NAUSEA L.A.) is currently at the pressing plant and will be released by GIVE PRAISE RECORDS in 2015.A split tape w/ ohio kings of bash PIZZA HIFIVE is also in talk and semi-ready. As of today(february 2015) the band is slowly but surely back on track, 21 new tracks are almost ready to be recorded and will be released in the future on splits w/ HEMDALE (ohio kings of deathgrind) and w/VIOLENT HEADACHE. More stuff will follow stay tuned stay grind!


Release date Release name Media
2015 split w/Warsore 7'' Grind Father Prods,EveryDayHate Records
2015 split w/Endless Demise 7'' Give Praise Records,Haunted Hotel Records, Witch Bukakee Records
2014 split w/Striver on Brink Of Doom 4x7'' boxset Doomsday Machine Records
2013 split w/Archagathus 7'' Mercy Of Slumber Records,Grind Father Prods,Human Disgrace Records
2013 Various-Food For Revolution #3 Food Not Bomb Jakarta
2012 split w/Disleksick 7'' Ugh... Records
2012 Grind Winter tape
2011 split w/Wadge 7'' Give Praise Records
2011 Various-Crush Your Canadian Idols vol.2 Primeval Sounds Records
2010 SOI CD, EP
2010 Grind Crushing Whirlwind Madness tape APH Records
2010 Various-100 in 10 comp 12'' Intellect Collective
2009 Nuclearfuckinpower CD, DEMO
2008 Demo DEMO
0 Dealing With The Remain ep 7'' Doomsday Machine Records,Grind Father Prods, Deaf Death Husky Records EP