SOOTHSAYER - Death Radiation


The troop of hate is back with some of the most devastating old school thrash metal tunes that Canada has to offer. Creating a climax of terror in 1986 with their first demo “To be a real terrorist”, SOOTHSAYER returns in 2012 with their latest album “Troops of Hate”. The roughest intesity is what you’ll get!!!


Thrash metal outfit from Quebec City, Canada Recognized in the late 80s as one of the cult Canada's metal band, SOOTHSAYER broke the metal scene worldwide and obtained the respect of their peers. Through their short career (1986 to 1990), SOOTHSAYER built an imposing waybill of live performances. 

Some of those live appearances include gigs along the likes of Nuclear Assault / Sacrifice / Aggression / Possessed / Kreator / Slaughter / DBC / Crumbsuckers and many more! 

In october '86, SOOTHSAYER went into the studio to record their first demo entitled "To Be A Real Terrorist" The result consists of five songs of pure thrash metal, intensity at its roughest! 

Back then, the climax of their young career was, undoubtedly, the release of their album "Have A Good Time" This LP, recorded in early 1989 but released in late 1990, has been made available to the public by the Californian independent label New Renaissance Records through their Colossal division and distributed by Restless Records. That album created a certain infatuation among the US radio colleges circuit. In addition, highly respected European publications, such as Kerrang and Metal Forces, qualified SOOTHSAYER as a band to seriously keep an eye on! 

The band split up in 1990 and reformed in 2007 after 17 years of hiatus.

In 2007, Galy Records (Montréal) re-released the classic “To Be A Real Terrorist” demo including a 1987 live concert recorded at Le Spectrum in Montreal, Canada. 

All tracks were remastered by two members of the band. The CD booklet has 6 full-color pages with rare pictures, flyers and liner. It also features notes from Rob (Sacrifice), Brian (Wehrmacht), Dave (Slaughter), James Plotkin (OLD/Khanate) among others.

They mainly reformed to play the “25 ans de Metal Québécois” festival in Montreal. Since then, the guys continued rehearsing and playing live. Most recently, they also played with Testament and were on the line-up of the “Trois-Rivières Metal Fest” and “Quebec Metal Fest 9” among others.

Late 2008, New Renaissance Records released a limited edition of soothsayer’s debut album “Have A Good Time”. The CD repressing was re-mastered by soothsayer`s guitarist Martin Cyr and limited to 3000 copies, also available through iTunes.

Spring 2011, Nuclear War Now! Productions (California) have come to an agreement with Galy Records to released the classic “To Be A Real Terrorist” on vinyl version.

This LP re-edition have a “Die Hard” version with colored vinyl, gatefold jacket, A2 poster, woven patch, vinyl sticker, and 36 pages zine styled booklet.

In 2012 Soothsayer signed with Galy Records for the release of "Troops Of Hate" an album containing freshly new material composed. Recorded at Studio Summun in Quebec City with François C. Fortin at helm, the album mark the return of the troops with 10 devastating pure thrash songs.

The tracks list is as follow:

01. Govern Me

02. Over Myself

03. Narrow Minded (revisited)

04. Back To Evil

05. Where Are We?

06. Dark Star

07. Grotte

08. Chicken Pie

09. Enough

10. Anatomy Is Dead Sickness (revisited)

The CD is available on Galy Records eStore and digitaly through iTunes.


Release date Release name Media
2013 Troops Fight Back CD
2007 To Be a Real Terrorist CD, LP
1989 Have a Good Time (CD - 1989) new renaissance records, reissue out now
1986 To Be A Real Terrorist