UNDERGANG - Vaeskende Sar


OEF's boards have been desecrated by the bands from all over the world. Denmark is no exception. But this time we will have the chance to encounter Danish as the squad called UNDERGANG who spread the destruction in their mother tongue will come dashing from Northern Europe.Do not expect a walk through Legoland however but the sickest old school death metal of the coarsest kind.

UNDERGANG  which means „Downfall” in Danish crawled out of the most reeking corner of Copenhagen's morgue ten years ago and has since presented with a number of splits and also four regular albums from which the band currently promotes last year's "Misanthropologi" most.

The band currently rides the crest of a popular old school death metal wave but does not get lost among dozens of those who are as alike as two rotten eggs. UNDERGANG  stinks of sulfur and is dripping with poison in a very otherwordly way. Death is called UNDERGANG!!!


Formed in the early summer of 2008, Undergang has since it's very first breath delivered the heaviest and most filthy Death Metal the fiends involved could possible imagine. With all instruments tuned so low that it almost sounds like greasy, fat sewage trying to escape the drain, assisted by heavy simplistic but characteristic drums to carry the brutal, this neanderthal-like heaviness and disease is now known as the sound of the Kill-Town Death Militia, combining the old Death Metal sound with gory grinding parts and slow doomy passages and soaked in decomposing gurgles and shrieks of agony.

With three albums and several smaller releases and splits, Undergang have since 2008 been playing a lot of shows both nationally and across Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Russia and so forth.

2017 saw the release of Undergang's 4th studio album released by Me Saco Un Ojo records (LP) and Dark Descent records (CD) in June, on which the band toured for 5 weeks in America to promote it, as well as a short line of European shows in September.
2018 will be the 10th year anniversary of the band and there'll be a few releases to celebrate that as well as a European tour in July 2018 with Finnish death fiends CORPSESSED and GOREPHILIA.

Anders Pedersen - Drums
Sam Osborne - Bass & backing vocals
Mads Haarløv - Guitar
David Mikkelsen - Guitar & Vocals


Release date Release name Media
2017 "Døden Var Kun En Begyndelse…-" Promo MC - 2017 (Extremely Rotten) MC (TAPE)
2017 "Misantropologi" LP/CD/MC July 2017 (Me Saco Un Ojo - LP / Dark Descent - CD / Extremely Rotten - MC) CD, LP, MC (TAPE)
2015 "Døden Læger Alle sår" LP/CD/MC - 2015 (Me Saco Un Ojo - LP / Dark Descend - CD / Headsplit - MC) CD, LP, MC (TAPE)
2015 "Koulema Parantaa Kaikki Haavat" Split MC with Corpsessed & Solothus - 2015 (Extremely Rotten) MC (TAPE)
2014 "Kogt I blod" promo MC - 2014 (Extremely Rotten) MC (TAPE)
2013 "Til Døden Os Skiller" LP/CD/MC - 2012 (Xtreem Music / Extremely Rotten - MC 2013) MC (TAPE)
2013 "Søm Til Din Ligkiste" 7" - 2013 (Me Saco Un Ojo / Dark Descent)
2012 "The Dead of Winter" Split 7" w. Funebrarum - 2012 (Doomentia)
2011 "Hævntørst" Flexi 7" - 2011 (Me Saco Un Ojo / Dark Descent)
2011 "T.D.O.S.-promo" MC - 2011 (Extremely Rotten) MC (TAPE)
2010 "Indhentet Af Døden" LP/CD/MC- 2010 (Me Saco Un Ojo - LP 2010 / Xtreem Music - CD 2011 / Extremely Rotten - MC 2013) CD, LP, MC (TAPE)
2009 "Promo 09" MC MC (TAPE)