WHO CARES? - The Clown Brigade


Not bleeding from your ears yet? Then get your ass in WHO CARES?'s pit as these death metal veterans declare war to your sweet & sensible hearing. This band from Saguenay spares no one as they throw some of the most destructive grindcore strikes over their violent & crushing death metal tunes. Be a part of this pure mayhem at Obscene Extreme America 2015.


Founded in 2008 in Saguenay, Canada, the Death Metal/Grindcore formation Who Cares? Have a lot of experience with former members of bands like Putricid (1990), Absonant Cadence (1995), Sévices, Siège Social, Clearwater Deathblow and Demental just to name a few. In September 2009 the band release their first demo of ten songs and was well received by the public and critics. At the end of 2010, the band parted ways with their vocalist Fred Otis and replace him with Sébastien Audet. In June 2011, they release their second demo named ‘’Le Grand Déploiement’’ also well received by the critics. In may 2013 a compilation album named ‘’Creation’’ was release on Human Disgrace Records featuring 2 new songs, a new version of "New Hope" and a bonus dvd. At this time, the band is finalising the production of his first full-length with their new singer Yannick Bouchard after Sébastien Audet left the band. In september 2015, Who Cares? launch his first official music video "Invaded". Who Cares? shared the stage with bands like Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Macabre, Vital Remains, Benighted, L'Esprit Du Clan, Fuck The Facts, B.A.R.F., Mesrine, Beneath The Massacre, Black Crown Initiate and they’re ready to crush everything.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Invaded CD
2013 Creation CD, DVD
2011 Le Grand Déploiement DEMO
2009 Demo 2009 DEMO