Curby Interview

The OBSCENE EXTREME festival started in a field on the outskirts of the picturesque Czech town of Trutnov back in 1999, and has played host to some of the most respected names in extreme music – as well as serving as the breeding ground for many new talents. Now, 14 years later, it is poised to become a global phenomenon, with festivals in Indonesia, Australia and Mexico – as well as the traditional Battlefield in central Europe.

Creative Waste Interview

Meet Creative Waste, the first representatives of a land without extreme music and oppressed by religious police. 

ENTE Interview

From the entrails of Ecuador rises an evil force named as ENTE (Entity in spanish). The twisted old school death metal sound of ENTE crushed eardrums of the freaks from the old continent. After long years of hard work they shared stage with legends like KREATOR, CANNIBAL CORPSE, OBITUARY y DESTRUCTION. 

MACABRE Interview

MACABRE needs no introduction. The large amount of genres they mix allowed them to coin a name for their sick and brutal creation: Murder Metal. You know, life is fucked, and MACABRE will tell every twisted detail of daily terror with his obsessed tales of murder.


Malignancy is a trademark of technical death / grind. These guys are ready to create chaos, always pushing the limit and escaping conventions, we contact them so they can tell us about their latest creation: Eugenics.


These gentlemen are the titans of grind. Years pass and they keep moving forward, creating sonic madness . We've said before, there is no band that meets the spirit of OBSCENE EXTREME much as these natives of Birmingham, England. All rise, NAPALM DEATH is here.