Doctors without border: Thank to all of you freaks!!!!

It is with great pleasure that we would like to thank all fans who contributed to the Doctors Without Borders fundraiser during Obscene Extreme America 2015. 


Powercup will be playing a second set tomorrow night at TRH Bar. Time to grind!!!

PURGATOIRE can't play OEFA!!!

Because of very frustrating reasons, we have to cancel our show at the Obscene Extreme America... Don't miss this great fest and party this thursday untill sunday.

La Panthère Verte!!!

It's with our great pleasure that we announce a collaboration with the vegan restaurant La Panthère Verte.

AGATHOCLES Tour statement!!!

What a lovely day!!! Damn yes, it was really a crazy day...we were really down when we heard that AGATHOCLES were denied to enter the airplane last friday here in Europe...we simply couldn't understand it! 


We are happy to announce that the restaurant VELO BURRITO will be at Obscene Extreme next week-end. Featuring some of the best burritos Montreal has to offer, you wouldnt be able to resist from grabbing one of these bad boys. Bon appétit!!!


It's a great pleasure to announce a collaboration with the microbrewerie Trou du Diable of Shawinigan. We want to thanks them for their support and invite you all to go discover their kick ass beers!

FATAL FLAW broke up so you'll all be squashed to death with this '90s Old school Death metal tank! HIDDEN PRIDE!!!

Here's the FINAL band announcement for Obscene Extreme America 2015. Hailing from Montreal '90s era, pionneers in their style, HIDDEN PRIDE are going to teach kids a lesson in demolition. 

IMMOLATION & OBSCENE EXTREME charity t-shirts!!!

We are delighted to have connected our charity with death metal kings IMMOLATION!!! We keep supporting our favourites!!! Another round of the charity action to support Doctors Without Borders!!!