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We are talking about bands that are booked for OEF, but also your tips for kick ass bands or bands you want to see at OEF.

fumigate #2 14.03.2015 19:04

FUMIGATION - "Your Death Metal Pest Control Specialists" from Ottawa, ON, Canada. Full length album "Integrated Pest Management" released in 2013 via CDN Records. To view a massive album teaser: To listen to some tracks: more

Martin #1 09.02.2015 14:47


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What can we do better at OEF?
Tips and tricks how to get to grinding paradise Théâtre Telus, let´s go together by car, train, bus or plane!
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Ask whatever you want about OEF!!!
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Sales points, price of the ticket etc.

Wreckless #3 17.08.2015 20:56

Aeyo! I'm coming from NYC to catch the fest on Saturday and Sunday, but I want to make sure I can still get tickets! Anyone please respond! Would like to get this all sorted out as soon as possible, so I can get my plane tickets too!

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Add and promote your show, recommend good album, tour or gig!