To play at OEF

TO PLAY AT OEF – We have been forming a big community of lunatics from all over the world since many years. We would be pleased to have you to help us to look for new bands and that is why we are launching the programme „TO PLAY AT OEF“…. You can add the bands into the database as a fan, band member or as someone helping the band. The first thing you need is a registration (as a registered fan you can comment anything on the website, use the forum actively etc.) and then you need all the relevant information, photo, mp3 song, video links, band websites so that we could check out your favourite band directly on the web, play a song, watch a video, see the history etc. information so that the presentation is as good as possible. We will be happy of course when this communication really gets going. All of us at OEF believe we will get to know many new and interesting bands thanks to this tool!

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