Malignancy is a trademark of technical death / grind. These guys are ready to create chaos, always pushing the limit and escaping conventions, we contact them so they can tell us about their latest creation: Eugenics.

I remember your impressive set at OEF 2012. It was brutal but at the same time incredibly fun. What do youremember of thatEuropeanadventure?
Thank you brother, we appreciate that you enjoyed our set. It was our first time performing at the World Famous Obscene Extreme! What an honor for us to share the stage with so many excellent European and American acts. OEF was the last stop for us on a tour we did with Russian Death Metal band Cephalic Impurity. The festival was cherry on the cake for us. We also played Extreme Fest during the tour. Two killer European fests on one tour is sick.

Malignancy seems that is non-conformed with technicality and every new album pushes your skills harder. How difficult was the songwriting process for Eugenics?
Again, thank you for the props, we try to test ourselves and go beyond our own boundaries to create something no one has heard before. Not an easy task at all and we are still trying, hahah. The writing on Eugenics was pretty intense at times but for the most part it was a great experience. My guitarist, Ron and drummer Mike, did a lot of collaborating together for this one. We usually all put our creativity together when writing new material. For Eugenics, I took a backseat to the arrangements and writing and watched/listened to the insanity that those two created. Love it. Plus I wanted to center more on the lyrically content and really flesh out what I wanted to say.

Your songs are very complex but in live shows you make it look like a walk in the park. How do you arrive to that skill to play?
I guess it is being a band for 20 years that makes it appear that way. Playing a song over 100 times a year definitely makes you the most proficient you can be at performing it. My guitarist, Ron has been playing most of his life and he still manages to surprise us with his unorthodox approach to writing/playing.

Malignancy played without bass in OEF 2012, but the performance was brutal. What happened that time?
Unfortunately we had to, our session bass player, Roger, had some family issues and he could not join us on the tour. Roger is doing well now. We have a new bassists from New Jersey's own Mortal Decay, Monty Mukerji. We will also be performing with our drummer Mike, who is on a little break from Fear Factory.

You are going to OEF America, what do you remember of your previous shows in Mexico? What do you expect of mexican audience?
Wow, it is an great honor for us to play Mexico again. This will be our fourth time in Mexico and we cannot wait to brutalize them with the new Eugenics material. The Mexican audience is just like the killer European crowds but I would have to say they are just a little sicker. Music is in the BLOOD!

Malignancy has a strange sense of humor mixed with lyrics that touch serious issues. Why you believe that death metal shouldn’t be so rigid and serious?
Hhahaha, yes we do have a strange sense of humor or perhaps it is just me. I enjoy being fun on stage and to engage the audience. I am fan of this music too and I like it when you feel like you are part of the show. Some Death Metal bands are very serious, too serious if you ask me. We are all nerds and love this music so lets have a blast doing it. Thanks for the great questions!! See you next month!! Stay Malignant!

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