ENTE Interview

From the entrails of Ecuador rises an evil force named as ENTE (Entity in spanish). The twisted old school death metal sound of ENTE crushed eardrums of the freaks from the old continent. After long years of hard work they shared stage with legends like KREATOR, CANNIBAL CORPSE, OBITUARY y DESTRUCTION. 

Now this menace is coming to OEF AMERICA 2013 and promises to wipe out everything in its path.

OEF: It was difficult for you guys to play death metal in Ecuador? How things change in the scene since the band begins until today?

ENTE: The band started in the early 90's and of course things were different, especially the lack of information and resources to get instruments and music, andthere weren’t recording studios. This has changed a lot, so we have more public, specialized media, shops, studios and bands in Ecuador, however, that stage was poor but otherwise very raw and fun, especially when people expected to hear heavy metal and they feel terrified with our extreme proposal, ha ha.

OEF: ENTE has opened his own way until reach festivals in Europe and now is the turn of OEF America. What do you expect from this edition?
ENTE: After the obscene and brutal experience in Europe, the band is ready to play in OEF America possessed, and better to be in Mexico that has a powerful extreme scene. We will bleed all our music for extreme American community. AAArrrggggg what more can we ask.

OEF: Who are your main influences in your music?
ENTE: In 20 years the list is endless but generally bands of thrash, death, grind and classicgore.

OEF: ENTE’s lyrics are full of myth elements, are carefully thought and the spanish sounds good in music. It was easy for you to escape of english supremacy in metal? Do you believe that this helps you to be different of other bands?
ENTE: For us there is no limitation to the languages in music, we let speak alone extreme music. We have some special mark on the composition and the lyrics themselves, but we don’t want to be unique or shit like that, what we care is to maintain the essence of Death Metal and Grindcore as grotesque and fast in each rehearsal, recording and presentation.

To end the interview we wanted to ask ENTEwhat other bands listen in their country to explore further the Latin-americanbrutality. OEF: What are you listening to these days? What bands from Ecuador you recommend?
ENTE: Well latelyBrutal Truth, Naked City, Napalm Death (as always), Black Sabbath, Terrorizer, Nasum, Impetigo, Sarcofago, Death, Origin, Nile, Deep Purple, Godflesh, Sodom, Asesino y Jimi Hendrix.

ENTE: And of course in Ecuador there are major colleaguesof the extreme scene as: ChancroDuro, Tocatta y Bulla, Eskhaton, Vomitorium, Necrofobia, Gale, The Grief, Devasted, Eutanos, Morbopraxis, N.CH., Murder, Epidemia, Incarnatus, Gorephagia, Legión, Mutilated Christ, Gastrorrexis, Necropsia, Mortuum, Agonía, Decapitados, Deskizofrenia, GrimoriumVerum, Asfixia, and others.

We want to thank ENTE for this interview, come and support this great band. More info at:



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