MACABRE Interview

MACABRE needs no introduction. The large amount of genres they mix allowed them to coin a name for their sick and brutal creation: Murder Metal. You know, life is fucked, and MACABRE will tell every twisted detail of daily terror with his obsessed tales of murder.

After a long pause MACABRE charged us with "Grim Scary Tales" and their obsession with most infamous murderers and psychopaths of humanity is still intact. We talk with Corporate Death and managed to survive the encounter. Here is the interview.

OEF: "Grim Scary Tales" brought back MACABRE after a long time; we can notice that you never lost your energy and specially your obsession with murderers. What do you do when you aren’t recording songs? What can we expect from MACABRE in the future?
Corporate Death: Well we do work when we’re not touring or recording, but I wont get into specifics on each guy in the band.
I am working on a new MACABRE album "Grim Scary Tales part 2". It will be our best stuff yet period! It will take off from where the first one left off. Another MACABRE Mistrals album will be after that!

OEF: The last time you visit Mexico was in 1994. What do you remember from that show?
Corporate Death: I can't remember back that far! (just kidding) There were a couple good show's out of the three. But we had a crazy bus ride with police coming on the bus with machine guns and asking for passport's. Another very scary incident at our Hotel which I won't mention! But I love Mexico and I am happy to go back its’ been a long time!

OEF: You are one of the iconic OEF bands; you’ve been there since the first editions. How does it feel to headline the first OEF America?
Corporate Death: I am happy play this new OEF but I will be even happier when we can play all of the OEF's in one year, then I will a very happy man!

OEF: When is coming out "Grim Scary Tales" next part? What can you tell us about this new album?
Corporate Death: I don't know maybe later this year I hope I can get it together. But I never force my writing, if it comes to me I do it. If not then I wait till it does! That's why we have had long break's between CD.'s. You can expect a lot of variety on the next on, more than before. Lots of different vocal styles and music styles - really pushing the envelope! It will be the best MACABRE to date!

OEF: Do you think that your obsession with horrible stories from real life instead of singing about viking warriors or pagan gods gives true strenght to MACABRE’s music?
Corporate Death: Writing about historical event's makes it a little easierer, as the story is already there for me. I just have to put it into lyric's and music in a creative way. I call it CREATIVE STORY TELLING! That what I do.

OEF: Mexico has a prolific history of murderers and psychopaths like Adolfo CONSTANZO or José Luis CALVA. Do you have any mexican psycho that you like?
Corporate Death: Yes I do have a few song's about Mexican Killers and some from South America. Some may be on the next album but it's TOP SECRET right now! If I told you I would have to kill you. Just joking!!!!

This is MACABRE. At one point they can be the nicest guys in the world, the next second you can be under the knife.

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