L’appui local de CORRUPT LEADERS ne va pas décevoir les fans du Obscene Extreme America de cette année. Du crust/grind cru et brutal comme le bon vieux NAPALM DEATH mélangé avec des éléments de EXTREME NOISE TERROR.


Nous y voilà… connaissez-vous l’histoire (vidéo…) derrière l’enregistrement du EP 5“ « Grindmother »? Sinon, allez l’écouter…


Canadian crust/grind band Corrupt Leaders formed in April 2013, and quickly recorded their debut 7inch which was released by Moshpit Tragedy Records (Phobia, Extreme Noise Terror, Skaven, Misery, etc).


On weekends they made road trips to play in cities like NYC, Baltimore, Pittsburg, Chicago, Detroit and many more.


They released a split 7inch in Sep 2014 with Indiana's Dogma, followed by member changes and their sound evolving from crust to grind (their usual blackened vocals ala Extreme Noise Terror, Iskra, Dystopia are still present).


In Feb 2015 they released the "Grindmother" 5inch, which features a guest vocal from frontman Rain Forest's 66 year-old Mother.  A video of her recording session went viral, climbing past 175K views and being played on national television.  As a result, "Grindmother" was written about by Smash, Kerrang, Noisey, Huffington Post, OC Weekly and hundreds of other outlets.


The band is currently writing material for their first full-length LP, to be released via Give Praise Records.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2015 Grindmother 5inch - 2015 (Moshpit Tragedy Records)
2014 Split with Dogma 7inch - 2014 (Moshpit Tragedy Records)
2013 Self-titled 7inch - 2013 (Moshpit Tragedy Records)