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DYSENTERY - Paranoid Division


Les grooves classiques de death metal ultra lourds et entraînants de Dysentery donnent l’impression de se faire catapulter des briques enflammées entourées de fils barbelés directement en plein visage. Du deathgrind brutal qui botte des culs rehaussé par des riffs violents et entraînants ainsi que du chant guttural vraiment sexy. Depuis leur début en 2002, Dysentery n’a jamais été aussi prêt à vous défoncer le crâne. SLAM SLAM SLAM!!!



Formed in 2002, Dysentery was brought together with the intention of forging obscenely brutal death metal. Since the band's inception, they received great acclaim for their 'Slaughtered Remnants' demo [2003], and the infamous Dysentery/Gutrot split 'Excruciatingly Euphoric Torment' [2004].


As with many bands over the years, Dysentery weathered lineup changes and the ravages of time but pressed on in their dedication to forge new levels of brutality, heaviness and groove. The band unleashed their long awaited debut full length 'From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh' on Amputated Vein Records in late 2008.


With the release of the album, the band made their presence known as a major force in brutal death metal making their way all over the US by way of several tours and countless shows with the underground's heaviest hitters. With a few years of hitting the pavement and writing, the band then unleashed their next vicious slab of brutality.


'Internal Devastation' was unveiled in June 2011 on Comatose Music and with it the face of slam death metal was hit hard. The band's blend of brutal grooving deathgrind and painfully heavy beatdown had been honed to the next level and fans listened. The band continued their campaign of carnage with more tours around the United States with plenty of of stops at the most brutal fests North America has to offer.


The juggernaut now continues on in the new chapter of their guttural conquest; the 3rd full length 'Fragments.' Out July 10th worldwide once again via Comatose Music, the album takes their blend of brutality to a whole new level - a bulldozing attack of blasting, grooving insanity fused with punishing, slamming intensity.With the subtlety of a brick to the face, Dysentery is primed to destroy.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2015 Fragments
2011 Internal Devastation
2008 From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh
2004 Excruciatingly Euphoric Torment