GROTESQUE ORGAN DEFILEMENT - Modification Of The Human Germline


Attendez-vous à un spectacle de goregrind lourd et brutal! G.O.D. joue du grindgore profondément ancré dans la vieille école. L'horreur corporelle et la souffrance sociale se font vomir dessus par un triple assaut vocal pendant que des riffs furieux vous arrachent le visage et qu’un véritable massacre de blastbeat vous défonce sauvagement le crâne. Gore pour toujours!!!


GORE FOREVER, MISOGYNY NEVER! Riley began to demo Grotesque Organ Defilement songs in the summer of 2006 with the goal of creating goregrind with pitch-shifted vocals, something that seemed to be completely absent from the Ontario scene at the time. Leezus was recruited on drums at the end of that year and they recorded the Neurofibromatosis demo which defined the band's approach - incorporating more old school grindcore influence into the goregrind style. After various gigs, recording sessions, line up changes and a slow emergence from total obscurity, we have lots of releases for your digestive pleasure. Our brand new first full length CD 'Body Horror' is out now Blastasfuk Grindcore!


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2015 Grotesque Organ Defilement/Hyperemesis EP
2015 Grotesque Organ Defilement/Mesrine EP
2015 Body Horror CD
2014 Destroy Your Life for Capitalism EP
2014 Grotesque Organ Defilement/Pancreatectomie MC (TAPE)
2014 Violent Restitution / Grotesque Organ Defilement EP
2013 Mass Murder/Split With Ahna LP, MC (TAPE)
2013 Grotesque Organ Defilement/Wadge EP
2012 Entartete Grind Kunst MC (TAPE)
2010 Grotesque Organ Defilement / Archagathus EP
2007 Neurofibromatosis CD
2006 Secret Unheard Demo DEMO