SACCAGE - Perversion-Déchéance


Le groupe de death crust satanique SACCAGE reviennent en ville. Cet insatiable groupe québécois joue de la musique malsaine pour monde à problèmes depuis 2007 pour une seule raison : que vous vous crissiez dans le pit pour Satan. Après leur succès avec l’album « Death Crust Satanique », SACCAGE déclare encore une fois la guerre à la sobriété avec leur nouvel album « Vorace ». Après cette débauche, la cirrhose du foie vous attend. 


Saccage started back in 2007 on the south shore of Québec city, Canada. From the ashes of some obscur Black Metal band from Québec capitals, the band was formed to play furious and uncomprising Black/Thrash Metal all for the glory of beer, dope and evil. In 2008 after the release of 'La Dérape Tabarnak' first demo tape on the canadian label Croquemort Production, the band grew in the undergound scene and got some line-up change until 2011, when the band enter studio in the dept of Francois Blastbeat Fortin to record there first full lenght called 'Death Crust Satanique'. Adding more Crust Punk and Death/Grind influence to there ripping blackened thrash sound, the LP was release on Torture Garden picture company from USA (Warmaster, Gride) and by the asian label Witchhammer Production on CD (Desaster, Abigail). Saccage played several gig all around Québec province, getting know to give furious live performance. The band return in studio in 2013 for there unholy VORACE ep, release on 7'' by Torture Garden Picture Company and newly signed to PRC Music from Montreal for a deluxe edition of the Vorace session on CD this summer. Saccage is getting ready for the second LP to be unleashed in early 2016, and also for the new vynil in collaboration with Hellacaust from Halifax for a split release in late 2015.


The satanic fueled death crust SACCAGE are coming back in town at Obsene Extreme America !!!


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2014 Vorace (7'' on Torture Garden Picture Company) EP
2012 Death Crust Satanique - Full length (CD onWitchhammer Prod / LP 12''Torture Garden Picture Company) CD
2009 Alcoholocaust Split DEMO
2008 La dérape tabarnak DEMO