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TALK-SICK livre un assaut de punk énergique et agressif avec ses trois chanteurs qui ont chacun leur propre portée disctincte, ce qui crée un style vocal complètement unique. D’abord formé à Halifax en 2006 et maintenant actif sur la scène musicale montréalaise, ce groupe de bâtards combine le rythme frénétique et anarchique du punk avec l’aptitude technique du metal.


Montreal's TALK-SICK occupy a weird space within punk's vast sub-genre landscape. Formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2006, the four-piece's blend of street punk speed and fury with 90's skate punk melodic sensibility allows TALK-SICK to feel equally at home at Montreal's infamous Deathouse whipping the crusties into a bloody frenzy and at larger mainstream venues sharing the stage with the likes of SNFU, THE FLATLINERS, and THE DAYGLO ABORTIONS.


Already mainstays of the Halifax punk scene only after a year of playing gigs, TALK-SICK released Waste, their first full length recording, in 2007. The band relocated from Halifax to Montreal in 2008 in order to have a home base better positioned for touring. Original drummer Ron Haigh made the difficult decision to remain in the east coast, so the guys hit La Belle Province in search of a replacement. After a series of auditions, TALK-SICK invited maritime ex-pat Jesse Gainer to handle TALK-SICK's percussive duties.


With a new drummer in place, TALK-SICK began the task of making a name for themselves in Montreal. The band played as many shows as possible across the city, quickly endearing themselves to fans with their mix of fury and harmony, breakneck pace, and a unique take on vocals that sees guitarists Dorian Fitchko and Travis Davis, along with bassist Stephen Pike, frequently trade off lead vocal duties during their songs. After two years of constant gigs and writing new material, the band traveled to B Town Sound studios in Burlington, Ontario to record 2010's We Wish You Were Beer. The EP showcased TALK-SICK's progression as songwriters and musicians and was warmly received by fans and critics alike. Maximum Rock'n'Roll hated it (entirely because of the cover art). The band takes this as a badge of honor.


The band continued to play in Montreal as well as embark on a series of East Coast tours, all the while writing new material that would become 2012's ,Genetics, TALK-SICK's second full length record. Released in March of that year, Genetics received high praise from The Mirror's Jon Cummins who gave the album a 7.5/10 and likened it to early Propaghandi. In June of 2012 ,Genetics charted in the national college and community radio top ten for the "Loud" category, sharing the list with bands such as WHITE LUNG, CATTLE DECAPITATION, and CANCER BATS.

TALK-SICK continues to play shows, write music, drink classy beer, and complain about being old men. A new 5-song EP is due out in late 2015.




Dorian Fitchko - Guitar/Vocals

Travis Davis - Guitar/Vocals

Stephen Pike - Bass/Vocals

Jesse Gainer - Drums


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2012 Genetics
2012 Aceh Revolution CD
2010 We Wish You Were Beer EP
2007 Waste